Rooftop Jazz

Album solo produit par Steinway & Sons, mettant en vedette de nouvelles compositions et
arrangements de pièces du domaine public.


Arrangement pour quartet de la célèbre Étude en Fa mineur de Chopin. Mettant en vedette le saxophoniste Bob Sheppard. Téléchargement digital seulement. Read more...

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“There is a spiritual strength and feeling of humanity within the compositions and playing of Chantale Gagné, and The Left Side Of The Moon is further confirmation of this Quebec’s impressive talent”
- Renee Rosnes

"Chantale’s writing is so beautiful, that every time I play her music, I come away feeling better than I did before the session.”
- Peter Washington

"In addition to becoming a very fine pianist, Ms. Gagné is also developing into quite a composer."
- Kenny Barron
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Chantale is a Young Steinway Artist
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